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Why El Niño could wreck plans for a snowy Christmas

Why El Niño could wreck plans for a snowy Christmas

Why El Niño could wreck plans for a snowy Christmas: A recent NOAA estimate says most of the U.S. won’t get a snowy Christmas. Last Monday, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center predicted a strong El Niño winter, causing warmer-than-average temperatures and more precipitation in the US. The El Niño climatic phenomena causes higher water temperatures near the equator every 2-7 years on average.

Climate Prediction Center analysts reported a 54% possibility of a ‘historically strong’ El Niño in November-January, based on recent projections.

Why El Niño could wreck plans for a snowy Christmas

El Niño winters often bring greater precipitation to the southern US, especially California, from December to February. Above-average precipitation is most expected in California and the Southeast.

The Midwest, Upper Plains, Northeast, and Pacific Northwest will also be warmer than typical. Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, and New England are most likely to have above-average temperatures in December–February, according to NOAA.

Most of the Northeast and Midwest may get below-average snowfall during the El Niño winter, while mountain regions in the West may experience above-average snowfall.

According to forecasts, this weather event might be among the top five El Niño occurrences since 1950. NOAA announced the arrival of El Niño in June, forecasting its intensification over winter.

NOAA anticipates above-average temperatures and precipitation for 68% and 53% of the US from Dec. 24-28. Some sections of the U.S. may get more snow than usual, while others may get less.

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