Why Pats can't afford for Belichick decision to be a drawn-out proce

People who work for the New England Patriots for a long time may want to trade Bill Belichick to get something of value in return if they decide to fire him. 

Over the weekend, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media wrote, "Sources say it could take longer than a month for a decision to be made on (Belichick's) future."

Waiting for the best possible pay could make it harder for the team to get used to a new head coach, as our Tom E. Curran said on a recent Patriots Talk Podcast.

That won't help the team very much if the Patriots stand firm on Bill Belichick and start a bidding war.

 This process takes three weeks, so let's say they get a second-round pick from the Los Angeles Chargers in exchange for Bill Belichick. 

For the new coach, that's three weeks less time to get the team ready. If there is a personnel department with a clear vision for 2024, it will be three weeks less.

Following those talks, which could last for weeks, if the Patriots decide to part ways with Belichick, they will need to find teams that want to trade for him.

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