Shanahan reveals ‘God-given' Purdy trait that some QBs don't have

Since taking over as San Francisco's starter last season, 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy has shown many talents.

Kyle Shanahan, 49ers coach, believes Purdy is born with field vision, which other NFL quarterbacks lack.

"I think it's a God-given trait that develops," Shanahan told reporters on Monday about Purdy's field vision. "You seem to be on a spectrum. 

Putting yourself in those situations more than once will help you get better at knowing what to do when they happen.

But I don't think you can just get it if you don't already have it. Certain amounts are required, with some being higher than others.

Can make it better the more they play football and are in tough situations. You do need a certain amount, though, to be able to see the field that way.

Many analysts thought Purdy's field wasn't big enough, but he sees it very well and has only gotten better at that over time.

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