Father And Daughter Out Fishing Find 152-Year-Old Shipwreck

Wisconsin father Tim Wollak stumbled upon a 152-year-old shipwreck while fishing near Green Bay's Green Island with his daughter. 

Initially dismissing it as unremarkable, Wollak later identified wooden panels resembling a ribcage on his FishFinder sonar device.  

Believing it to be a sunken boat, he posted about the discovery on a local Facebook page. 

The Wisconsin Historical Society reached out, suggesting it could be the 1871 wreck of the barkentine ship George L. Newman, lost during the Great Peshtigo Fire.  

The wreck's identity is yet to be fully confirmed. Video footage gathered by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources revealed the three-masted ship's remains, bringing attention to this historical find. 

The Historical Society told him they didn't believe it could be the Hackley, based on its location.

Instead, Wollak said, they thought it was likely the 1871 wreck of a barkentine ship called the George L. Newman,

 which was thought to have sunk in that area but had never been recorded. 

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