Charleston Hit By Tidal Flooding, Heavy Rain

Charleston is grappling with severe challenges as tidal flooding and heavy rainfall sweep through the city.  

Streets have transformed into waterlogged zones, causing widespread disruption to daily life.  

Emergency services are on high alert, assisting residents in navigating the inundated areas.  

The coastal city is experiencing a combination of rising tides and relentless rain, exacerbating the flooding situation.  

Local authorities are urging citizens to exercise caution and, where necessary, evacuate to safer locations. 

The event underscores the vulnerability of coastal communities to extreme weather events and emphasizes the need for robust infrastructure and preparedness measures.  

Efforts are underway to manage the crisis, with residents and officials working together to address the immediate impacts of the flooding. 

Water rescues also took place on Kiawah and Seabrook islands, according to media outlets.

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