CMC amazingly predicts Eagles play vs. Seahawks on ‘ManningCast'

For the 11-3 49ers, Christian McCaffrey does more than dominate defences. San Francisco's crown jewel predicts plays like any other football fan, but he's right.

On ESPN's "ManningCast," McCaffrey nearly correctly predicted a play from Monday night's Philadelphia Eagles-Seahawks game.

“Jalen Hurts is running a QB draw to the left,” McCaffrey told the Mannings. A tight end will pull. The tight end is deep, so he's shifting left. You go. He moved, but not left.”

McCaffrey and the 49ers embarrassed the Eagles 42-19 at Lincoln Financial Field two weeks ago, so some of Philadelphia's play calls were likely fresh in his mind.

McCaffrey told the Manning Brothers, “You see a lot of guys on the couch, you know. Twitter quarterbacks and others have a lot to say about quarterback and head coach play.

While McCaffrey's humour and predictive skills had Mannings laughing, the Stanford product still praised his teammates' run-blocking and 49ers structure.

Teams want to block for McCaffrey and fans want to watch him on broadcasts because his skills extend beyond the gridiron to his couch.

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