Christian McCaffrey tells Tom Brady he'd vote for Brock Purdy then Trent Williams for MVP

Monday's SiriusXM Tom Brady's Let's Go! podcast featured Christian McCaffrey's top two MVP candidates. "If I had my vote, it'd be Brock as the MVP and Trent would be the second in line," noted.

Brady stated earlier that he cared more about team accomplishments when playing. "I felt like the team awards were — which was ultimately winning championships — was what it was all about," he said.

You can have a great year yet play on a bad team, which is not fun. I always celebrated success with other players, and the best moments weren't winning MVP. 

It was getting a Super Bowl ring with all the people who helped make that happen.Most of the players would rather win the Super Bowl than a single award. 

 Still, the NFL keeps giving out awards to individuals. Of course, Brady told everyone for the first time on the most recent episode of the podcast that this year.

"I see Big Trent there taking care of everyone," Brady said. "That doesn't mean Trent will take away the MVP award, but if there was an award for offensive lineman, I think Trent would get it for what he does up front." 

He told him, "Man, vote for Brock." "Man, that guy deserves it. I know you respect that, that's clear. I hate it when people say bad things about him because he's been great for this team.

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