Blazers coach shares why he didn't call timeout in key moment of Warriors' win

Trail Blazers coach Chauncey Billups made a bizarre fourth-quarter decision in the Warriors' 118-114 win over Portland at Moda Center on Sunday.

Deandre Ayton grabbed the rebound after Curry missed his second free throw, surprising him.

Billups let Shaedon Sharpe attack upcourt on a fast break, which resulted in an offensive foul after Warriors rookie Brandin Podziemski drew a charge.

Billups explained his decision to skip a timeout after the game, citing how quickly Sharpe worked the ball upcourt after Ayton's rebound.

"When Steph [Curry] gets to the free throw line, you think he won't miss, but basketball happens," Billups told reporters after the game.

I quickly substituted Deandre Ayton for rebounding purposes. Of course, I had already planned my rebound and timeout play.

We quickly recovered and attacked after he passed it. Didn't want to call timeout...he was attacking, so take it out there. 

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