Bills’ dismantling of Cowboys proves Buffalo is a legitimate playoff threat — for more reasons than Josh Allen

Buffalo didn't just beat a five-game winning streaking Cowboys team and dull the league's most explosive scoring attack (32.4 points per game).

 Actually, the Bills beat the Cowboys 31–10 by completely suffocating their run defense and offense.

The win made the Bills' record 8-6, which doesn't seem like a threat to the playoffs considering how good they are.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys lost and are now 10-4, second in the NFC East. Although the Detroit Lions won this weekend, Dallas still made the playoffs.

Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers for losing—the team's collapse reflects one of its biggest playoff obstacles: beating a good opponent on the road.

Unlike their 7-0 home record, the Cowboys lost three of their four road games. The outlook for their home playoff game doesn't look good.

Although they are two games behind the Miami Dolphins in the AFC East, the Bills don't seem as afraid of traveling. Although they have a worse road record of 2-4.

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