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Learn everything about wedding brooms before using them.

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Learn everything about wedding brooms before using them.

Learn everything about wedding brooms before using them: In almost all cultures, marriage is seen as a holy act. Couples are also adding rituals and traditions from other cultures to their wedding ceremony more and more often.

You can include a lot of different traditions in your big day, like a Vietnamese Yam Seng toast or a Celtic hand-fasting ceremony. There is some disagreement about where the old wedding tradition called “Jump the Broom” came from, but we will explain everything you need to know about it here.

Learn everything about wedding brooms before using them.

What is the Jump the Broom Way to Get Married?

  • Folklore says that hopping on a broom represents a fresh start and getting rid of the old. Also, it’s thought to represent two families joining together.
  • When you say your vows, you leave behind any worries and jump right into your new life together.
  • One of the best things about this tradition is that all of your guests can take part, and it makes for great wedding photos.

What is the history of Jump the Broom?

Different sources say different things about where Jump the Broom came from. It is a common Irish wedding tradition, but some people think it has roots in both Celtic and Roman culture. People who think it came from West Africa say that brooms were waved over the couple’s heads to keep evil away.

After that, the couple would jump over the broom that was set down on the ground. Africans who were forced to work as slaves in America also used the ritual a lot. When people were slaves and couldn’t legally get married, they would jump over the broom to make a marriage vow.

How do you use a broom?

It’s likely safe to say that the broom that was used is not the usual one you use to sweep your floors. Handle is made of wood and has natural bristles on it. It is usually three feet long. Silk ribbons, flowers, or lace are often used to decorate wedding brooms.

You could also ask people to decorate the broom with their names before the ceremony and attach them to it at that time. The couple is said to have meant this to show their happiness for the new couple. After the event, it is common to keep the broom as a souvenir and either hang it up in your home or give it to someone else. The beautiful thing brings back wonderful memories of the time you said “I do.”

The Best Way to Jump the Broom

  • This is a great place to buy or make a wedding broom.
  • Apply ribbon or lace to it to make it look nice.
  • After the ceremony, have guests write a message on a gift tag and tie it to the broom. Another person should have been given this job ahead of time!
  • The person performing the ritual will tell you about it at the right time and invite you to join them as they jump the broom.
  • Put your hands together, close your eyes, and jump back over!
  • Guests who want to jump the broom are welcome to come up.
  • So they can get a good spot to catch every funny face, make sure your photographer and video grapher know ahead of time!

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