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Exploring the Different Types of Bouquets for Weddings

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Exploring the Different Types of Bouquets for Weddings

Exploring the Different Types of Bouquets for Weddings: On your wedding day, carrying your own bouquet is a special moment to look forward to. Since no two wedding bouquets are ever exactly the same, your wedding florist will make something unique just for you.

However, it’s best to let a professional handle the design. Knowing the most common wedding bouquet styles, shapes, and sizes will help you better explain what you want when the time comes. Here are some of the most common bouquet styles, along with pictures from real weddings to help you picture each one.

Exploring the Different Types of Bouquets for Weddings

Wedding Bouquet by Biedermeier

  • For this kind of wedding bouquet, flowers of the same type are grouped together in rings that go around the bouquet and make it look like it has stripes.
  • It looks best with flowers that are very bright, like these fuchsia roses, purple calla lilies, and pink ranunculus.
  • Biedermeier bouquets aren’t very common, but they’re a great choice if you want something that will definitely be one of a kind.

Wedding bouquet with cascades

  • This type of bouquet is a “spill” of flowers and greenery that looks like a waterfall. It is held together by a hand-held base that looks like an upside-down teardrop.
  • Cascade bouquets are big and can be any length; the flowers and greenery can reach almost to the floor or halfway down the front of your wedding dress.
  • People often use them to make an entrance.
  • For example, Princess Diana was said to have carried a bridal bouquet of gardenias, stephanotis, myrtle, and ivy that fell over 40 inches.

Mixture of Wedding Flowers

  • A composite bouquet is made by taking individual petals from several flowers and putting them together to look like one big flower on a single stem.
  • When the petals are glued or wired together, you get what is called a “glamelia.”
  • The bouquet looks like a bigger version of the flower petals came from. For example, single rose petals were used to make this rose glamelia.
  • You should use this style of wedding bouquet if you want to make an arrangement that people will remember.

Wedding Bouquet in Any Shape

  • A free form bouquet is an oversized arrangement with an uneven shape that is great for people who like modern and contemporary flower design.
  • Often, unexpected things like dried grasses and branches are used to go with the fresh flowers in these types of wedding bouquets.
  • This free form bouquet is both edgy and boho.
  • It has traditional wedding flowers like roses, phalaenopsis orchids, and amaranthus mixed with bleached ruscus, dried palm leaves, and pampas grass.

Wedding Bouquet Tied by Hand

  • Hand-tied arrangements, which are sometimes called “garden wedding bouquets,” have become one of the most popular types of bridal bouquets in recent years.
  • They’re great for couples and wedding florists who like natural, loose designs.
  • This kind of flower arrangement uses blooms and greenery with stems of different lengths to make a bouquet that looks a little off-center and full, like the flowers were just picked from the garden.

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