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Christmas Cookie Trends to Try This Year

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Christmas Cookie Trends to Try This Year

Christmas Cookie Trends to Try This Year: Two of these Christmas cookie fads don’t require an oven. While the other two demand more attention, they are still manageable for home bakers.

Tie your apron, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to brighten spirits with one—or all!—of these surprising and eye-catching 2023 Christmas cookie trends.

Christmas Cookie Trends to Try This Year

1. No-Bake Cereal Wreath Cookies

  • Over time, we have created various variations on the wreath cookie theme, such as a “snow”-dusted spritz cookie display for parties, Scalloped Wreath Gingerbread Cookies, a Meringue Sugar Cookie Wreath, and Bell Wreath Gingerbread Cookies, which require a bell-shaped cookie cutter for a bow.
  • Following the recognition of “newstalgia” as a key culinary trend in 2024 by IFT Outlook, nostalgic no-bake wreath cookies made from cereal and marshmallows are gaining popularity online.
  • Kelly Senyei of Just a Taste, a recipe developer and cookbook author, states in her viral Instagram post on Marshmallow Christmas Wreaths that her mother, Noni, began making them over 30 years ago. She now continues the practice with her own children.
  • Recreating this Christmas cookie fad is simple using butter, marshmallows, vanilla essence, and cereal (cornflakes are typical, but Wheaties or Frosted Flakes might accomplish a similar effect).
  • Add green food coloring and cinnamon candy “berries” to spice up your goodies for the season.
mug cookie kit from Williams Sonoma

2. Mug-Hugging Cookies

  • Mug cakes are no longer trendy. Try to incorporate a mug-hugging cookie in one of your 12 days of Christmas.
  • In 2014, we revealed our method for making Hanging Stocking Sugar Cookies, which attach to a cup rim using a little candy cane “glued” to the back of a stocking-shaped cookie with royal icing. The popular gingerbread folks continue to use the minty gadget.
  • We’ve also seen Christmas cookie fads with notches cut out of the edge to place directly over the rim. After cutting the cookie form using a cookie cutter, use a sharp paring knife to cut a 1-inch by ¼-inch piece from the bottom (modify to fit your cup rim width).
  • No interest in baking? Williams Sonoma offers a kit online with mug-hugging cookies in several shapes, including tree, snow globe, gingerbread house, Santa, and snowman, that can be personalized with the recipient’s name using royal icing. A delightful food present. We won’t reveal you didn’t bake them from scratch!

3. Healthy-ish Barks

  • Social media showed this summer that barks are back, baby.For weeks, Snickers Date Bark has been our mid-afternoon snack. This healthy yet festive snack is expected to replace Cracker Candy as a 2023 Christmas cookie craze.
  • This Sea Salt Pretzel Chocolate Butter Bark is perfect for sweet-and-salty treat lovers. Enjoy a bite-sized treat with Frozen Banana Snickers, featuring banana slices covered with dessert bark.
  • Enjoy a crunchy snack with 5-ingredient Granola Bark, a delicious way to get additional fiber.
Classic Snickerdoodles

4. Snickerdoodles 2.0

  • More than 80 reviews confirm that our traditional Snickerdoodle cookie recipe is a hit among BHG fans.
  • I started cooking this dish 40 years ago when I was old enough to cook. “This recipe won me a first place ribbon in my county fair bake-off,” a home baker reports. “This recipe has lasted the years and will be passed down through the generations.”
  • We probably can’t make another cinnamon-sugar biscuit with that much popularity. Over time, we’ve created Air-Fryer Snickerdoodles more practical and flavorful (Caramel-Coffee Snickerdoodles).
  • Ingenious bakers online are showing us changes we can’t wait to test.Try Buttered Toast Snickerdoodles to use up leftover bread crusts and heels, especially if your child didn’t finish their cinnamon toast. Our preferred usage for dark bananas is pillows and fluffy Banana Snickerdoodles, not banana bread.
  • This Apple Butter Snickerdoodle recipe, combining thumbprint cookies with spice cookies, is a popularity among followers and will be repeated.

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