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America braces for ‘El Nino winter’ to unleash ‘SNOWMAGEDDON’

America braces for 'El Nino winter' to unleash 'SNOWMAGEDDON'

America braces for ‘El Nino winter’ to unleash ‘SNOWMAGEDDON’: A trend of warming in the Pacific is getting stronger quickly, which means it will rain for a week before the US gets ready for a “El Nino winter” that could bring about “snowmageddon.”

It was proven earlier this year that temperatures are rising in the eastern Pacific. These trends don’t seem to be stopping, and now a “strong El Nino” is being feared.

America braces for ‘El Nino winter’ to unleash ‘SNOWMAGEDDON’

This event, which happens when ocean currents change and warm water gathers around the coast of Peru, can have an impact on weather trends around the world.

In the US, it leads to colder and wetter weather in the south and warmer weather in the north. Experts say that the heavy rain this week could be an early sign of a change in the climate.

It snowed and was cold El Niño. During an El Nino winter, the south may get colder. A British Weather Services social expert and US reporter named Jim Dale said, “The pattern of El Nino is already playing out this week. It’s still early days, but the heavy rain and stormy weather could be an early sign of the change in weather pattern.”

“Warmer ocean temperatures may have something to do with this. In the Gulf of Mexico, a subtropical storm seems to be forming late in the season, and this one will need to be watched.”

There will be more rain this week on the south coast and in Florida. He also said that if El Nino gets stronger over the next few months, it could mean colder weather and a chance of snow.

He said, “The cold might make its way to the eastern half of the United States by the end of the season.” “New York, Maine, and the Great Lakes are most likely to be affected by this.”

But El Nino might not be enough to cause cold weather on its own. The Greenland Block, a high-pressure system, may also be needed.

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  1. Daniel William Quirk

    Surprise, it may get cold and have freezing rain followed by snow.. this year and every year that follows, or not.

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