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All You Need to Know About Wedding Planning

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All You Need to Know About Wedding Planning

All You Need to Know About Wedding Planning: Wedding traditions are deep. Even “untraditional” weddings with personalized details include rings, flowers, and a wedding date. You may have thought many wedding traditions were American-only.

You may be surprised to learn that many modern traditions have religious, cultural, and historical roots. It makes sense: The US is only 250 years old and people have been marrying since 2350 B.C. Here is the fascinating history of nine popular wedding traditions, whether you are planning a wedding, interested in event hospitality, or fascinated by marriage ceremonies’ hidden symbolism.

All You Need to Know About Wedding Planning

wedding rings

You probably only think of wedding diamond rings as beautiful, well-cut rounds! You concur? Do not worry—there will be more. Having at least six more cuts will amaze you. Now that he has to decide on a cut, the boy is finding it harder to plan that magical proposal!

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The most popular wedding month

There’s no bad month to marry. Most couples choose based on location and interests. A 2017 Pinterest trend report found that September and October are becoming more popular than May and June. In Roman times, June was the most popular wedding month. It was named after Juno, the Marriage Goddess.

Queen Victoria of England forbade her children to marry in May, citing the Roman superstition, “Marry in May and Rue the Day.” Many event planners recommend less popular months for the couple’s venue. January, February, and early March are slow months for weddings, saving couples money.

White wedding dresses

Royal influence Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress first. Previously, most royals wore heavy brocades. English society was shocked when Queen Victoria wore a white lace gown to marry Prince Albert in 1840. A white wedding dress is still the norm in America, but wedding attire varies by culture.

Asian cultures consider red lucky and white mournful. Chinese brides wear the Qingdao in this colour. Red packets or envelopes are also traditional Asian wedding money gifts. Traditional red and gold saris are worn by South Asian brides.


  • Flowers in weddings symbolized virginity in ancient Greece and Rome. Flowers are still important at weddings. Most wedding party members wear flowers.
  • Both Eastern Orthodox and Greek religions crown. The bride and groom receive three flower crowns during the ceremony to symbolize “God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.”

Wedding cake

Roman wedding confections began as biscuits and scones. As newlyweds, the bride and groom shared crumbs. Britain continued the tradition with scones piled high and couples kissing over them. They were lucky if they succeeded.

First known wedding recipe was “Brides Pye” in early England. This unusual dessert uses oysters, lamb testicles, and rooster comb. Eating the pie brought the couple luck. Single women were encouraged to find the ring baked inside the pie, signalling the next marriage.

World history, culture, and religion underpin most wedding traditions. Many of these traditions will be repeated at a wedding. After all, the old English poem “Something borrowed something blue, something old and something new” rings true.

Broom Jumping Ceremony

  • After choosing to include jumping the broom in your wedding ceremony program, you must plan the details for the actual ritual on the wedding day.
  • Almost all cultures consider marriage holy. More couples are including cultural rituals in their weddings.
  • Your wedding can include a Vietnamese Yam Seng toast or a Celtic hand-fasting. The origin of the “Jump the Broom” wedding tradition is disputed, but we will explain everything here.



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