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A Guide to Making the Right Wedding Brooms

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A Guide to Making the Right Wedding Brooms

A Guide to Making the Right Wedding Brooms: Both Celtic and African people who have moved away like the wedding broom. They are also used a lot in Pagan weddings. A wedding broom, also called a hand fasting besom, stands for several things. The couple getting married may choose to focus on one or more of these events during their ceremony.

A broom is often kept by the front or back door of the house. Because of this, it can represent the threshold between your single life and your new married life. This is like the custom of carrying the bride through the front door of a new house.

A broom can also stand for the things that married people have to do every day, like cleaning the floors, taking out the trash, making dinner, and taking care of each other. My future husband and I are going to jump the broom for our hand fasting. This is how I made ours. We hope it makes you want to make your own too. Now let’s begin…

Get your stuff together.

As soon as it’s done, the broom should be long enough that everyone who jumps on it has some in front of them. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of people jumping over a broom that is so short that only one person is making the jump. Now, stand next to each other and measure the distance between your shoulders. Adding the broom skirting will make it longer, and some of the handle will disappear into the skirting, so keep that in mind.

  • Start getting a lot of sticks together. Find pretty trees and remember to say “thank you” to them before you cut them down. We chose to gather from trees on our own land. Having something from home is nice.
  • A strong branch for your handle is the most important stick. It should feel just right, not too thin or too thick. A hard wood tree should be used for the handle.
  • To make skirting twigs that are easier to work with, they should come from trees that are made of soft wood. All of the skirting twigs should be about the same length and be straight.
  • For the skirting, you don’t have to use just twigs. You can also use rushes, grasses, flower stems, silk or dried flowers, and other things.

Take off the bark and paint or stain the handle.

I took off a lot of the bark and then stained ours a nice dark colour. This is very different from the red skirting sticks I could find. It will take you days more work to paint or stain after removing the bark and sanding it. You could just find a branch with nice bark and leave it alone instead of putting in extra work hours and sanding.

The skirting can be put on in two different ways.

One way is to make your skirting ahead of time, then bundle it all up and secure it with wire. Then you put the handle up through the skirting from the bottom and hit it hard on the ground to make it go through.

One other way is to tie each layer of the skirting directly to the handle all at once. It’s easier to get the right look this way. Together, strong fishing line and hot glue gun magic helped me do this. He showed off his fishing knot skills while I held the sticks in place, which was helpful.

Make it look nice!

You can add decorative touches by putting them in the skirting with a small amount of hot glue. After that, you can cover the glue and line with ribbon, cloth, wire, or twine. To make it look better, I also put some decorations on top of the broom. That’s all there is to it, folks. You can now make the wedding broom your own and make it look just as cool as the rest of your wedding.

After the wedding, what do you DO with it?

After the wedding, what do you DO with it? Of course you hang it! Over a doorway or above the mantle, they look great. Crossing them with a sword makes them look even better. We might hang ours in the foyer with Gandalf’s sword, Glamdring.

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