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3 NBA icons Stephen Curry would have liked to play with

3 NBA icons Stephen Curry would have liked to play with

3 NBA icons Stephen Curry would have liked to play with: The response reveals everything about Steph Curry as a basketball player and person. Curry’s smile and childlike enthusiasm don’t hide his competitiveness. If challenged, the Warriors star will pull an opponent’s heart from his chest and throw it in a to-go bag like an angry Lloyd Christmas. Curry encourages excellence.

3 NBA icons Stephen Curry would have liked to play with

He enjoys and feeds on it.The last decade of playing with Klay Thompson and Draymond Green has been like that. He also had a unique relationship with Andre Iguodala for eight seasons and three seasons with Kevin Durant.

It was no surprise that Curry named three NBA players he wishes he could have played with, but as colleagues rather than adversaries.

“My top three, obviously [Michael] Jordan, [Shaquille O’Neal], and I’d probably say Hakeem Olajuwon,” Curry told NBC Sports Bay Area in the latest “Dubs Talk” edition. I want to play with all three of those players because Jordan and I want to witness it firsthand. Then I think pick-and-roll with Hakeem or Shaq would be unbeatable.”

Curry’s initial pick is what everyone wants to see. Home and away, venues would have No. 30 Curry and No. 23 Jordan jerseys. Everyone wanted to be like Mike in the 1980s and 1990s, flying with their tongue out and ready for a spectacular dunk.

Curry now affects followers of all sizes, races, ages, and genders. He’s the relatable star the Warriors and NBA can thank for promoting the game. No one can emulate Curry’s 3-point line transformation, but dreaming about it at a neighborhood park is more realistic than Jordan’s free-throw line slam.

Curry’s greatest power is the one Jordan lacked, albeit the game changed throughout his 15 NBA seasons. Jordan’s career 3-point percentage was 32.7%. Curry’s career low from deep was 38.0 percent in his age-33 season, providing the two an ideal backcourt balance.

Another scenario has Curry running pick-and-rolls with Olajuwon or O’Neal. Curry picked the only term needed: unstoppable.

Would Curry rather be a high-flyer like MJ or physically powerful like Shaq if he could drive Doc Brown’s DeLorean to 88 mph?

He first needed time to consider. Curry last dunked on Feb. 21, 2019, in a two-point win over Sacramento. Legendary shooter has only 26 career dunks. In a different world, he would toss it down authoritatively.

“Probably physically dominant,” Curry added. “It’s so unlike my court experience. I’ve dunked a few times, but I prefer to play ‘Mouse in the House’ where I post up and know that as soon as I grab it, this guy behind me has no chance.

“That would be out-of-body. Having seen Shaq’s highlights, I want to smash some backboards sometimes. Would be fun.”

Curry may share the court with any of the three or steal a talent from their bags. After 35 years, he still has abilities that Michael, Shaq, and Hakeem can only dream of.

It’s great to dream about, but Curry has continued to add to his building blocks since he first put on a Warriors jersey, allowing him to join the three he can see painting a masterpiece with on the court.

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