Why was there an 80-pound dog sitting courtside at Lakers game next to Kevin Bacon?

All night, announcers, refs, and 20-year season-ticket holders said they'd never seen anything like this.

Brother Brodie is a service dog who is 4 years old and has been trained to behave well in all situations. 

The Times interviewed Brush by phone Tuesday. It felt like a first. People may not notice little dogs, but Brodie is unmissable.”

Brush said arena security approved Brodie's visit, but he knew the big dog wouldn't cause problems. 

Brodie sat on Brush's lap or under his seat against his best friend's legs the entire game without incident, Brush said.

My worries are gone. Brush, who lives with Brodie in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, trusts him completely. "He'll be well-behaved and in control with me.

Brush's social media posts featuring Brodie were so popular that the former accountant quit to become a full-time content creator. 

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