Week 15 Care/Don't Care: It's time to have 'the conversation' about Trevor Lawrence

Late in the game, Cris Collinsworth best described Lamar Jackson's MVP chances. Lamar Jackson's impact on the Ravens' offense is hard to quantify. 

 Rarely do you watch an offense and lose sight of its goals if you imagine a different quarterback. This small group includes the Ravens and Lamar Jackson.

Fake football rarely accurately portrays a player's performance, but Jackson does. His fantasy football season was hilarious. 

Week 15 yields five to seven sacks for most quarterbacks. Jackson took three and saved several drives to help this team win.

Jackson may be slower than he used to be, but he's better at setting runs up, allowing blocks to form, and creating lanes with his vision.

Week 15 passing stats were disappointing. Comparing his aerial resume to Brock Purdy will make it difficult to vote for him as MVP. 

This is why quarterback discussions must be more nuanced. His 171 passing yards don't say enough about his play.

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