Signs of the Zodiac That Take Solace in Horror 

ARIES  Aries, a thrill-seeker, enjoys the thrills and chills of horror movies. It takes a lot to scare this bold zodiac sign. 

They can't look away from situations that make others tremble and shield their eyes. 

Aries enjoys what scares others.  For them, watching a terrifying movie is both fun and relaxing. 

GEMINI  Gemini loves true crime and terror. Literature and documentaries are very appealing to this zodiac sign. 

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They find solace in understanding the unknown. Mercury, the planet of intelligence and thinking, rules this sign.  

SCORPIO   Pluto fosters a fascination with the supernatural and bizarre. 

Horror's beauty and meaning attract them. Scorpio says the best genre films are emotionally moving. 

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