Signs of the Zodiac That Need To Let Go This Season 

The onset of fall, when the leaves turn gold and the air turns crisp, marks a time of transition and introspection.  

Cancer  Their emotional depth allows them to develop deep connections, but it also makes them carry past wounds, regrets, and disappointments. 

This fall, they must realize that holding onto previous traumas or missed opportunities simply holds them back from enjoying the present. 

Virgo   They often dwell on past failures, analyze what they could have done better, and set high goals for themselves. 

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The universe is pushing people to realize that perfection is an illusion and that self-criticism is destructive this season.  

Capricorn  Capricorns are ambitious and motivated, often preparing their next move and wanting to reach the top.  

However, they occasionally lose sight of the present due to their long-term ambitions.  

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