Roob's Observations: Eagles blow critical game against Seahawks, lose 3rd in a row

Eagles led 10-0 in the second quarter. They led 17-10 early in Q4. They led 17-13 with one minute left. They never did enough to beat a bad team. They had many chances. 

 We've talked a lot about the coordinators, including Matt Patricia, but Nick Sirianni deserves blame after this one.

 If Jalen Hurts was too sick to pass, he shouldn't have played. Period. Hurts plays games. That guy is tough. No one disputes that. We saw him miss open guys like rarely.

I hated throwing the deep ball to Quez Watkins, and not just because he's been ineffective for two seasons and turns over most shots.

We can break down the game, but consider: At 1:52, the Eagles led 17-13. Mann punted the Seahawks to their 8-yard line. At that point, Locke had thrown 116 yards. 

James Bradberry. 2nd-team all-pro last year. Second-ranked league corner in opposing passer rating last year. Large, tough, physical player. That was last year. 

Think Eagles' final drive. Left 28 seconds, three down on their 25-yard line. With 13 seconds left, Hurts scrambled 20 yards to the 45 for the Eagles' first timeout. 

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