Rockets Dillon Brooks, Ime Udoka ejected in final seconds vs. Bucks after losing cool with ref

In the final seconds of Sunday's 128-119 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, officials ejected Houston Rockets guard Dillon Brooks and head coach Ime Udoka.

Brooks' response to a perceived no-call sparked the ejections as Houston rallied from 125-116 down. In the backcourt, Brooks returned a Khris Middleton pass.

The loose ball was picked up by Bucks guard Pat Connaughton, who passed it to a frontcourt player. It whistled. Tech foul on Brooks. 

Middleton hit Brooks as he chased the first loose ball out of bounds. Brooks said Middleton should have been called for pushing him out of bounds.

Brooks taunted referee Suyash Mehta, who called another technical and ejected him. The game was over, so neither showed restraint. 

Another whistle preceded Brooks' sideline arrival. Udoka was then T'd and ejected. He chastised Mehta after the official tossed Brooks over the no-call. Unfinished Udoka.

Udoka told reporters, "It was a blatant missed push out of bounds on that call." The refs missed the same calls all game, calling them quickly or tight on other plays.

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