Rice details key Purdy trait that reminds him of 49ers great Montana

Joe Montana was known as "Joe Cool" for his ability to perform under pressure, a trait that 49ers legend Jerry Rice sees in Brock Purdy, the team's starting quarterback.

In "The Warner House" podcast with 49ers linebacker Fred Warner, the Pro Football Hall of Famer compared Montana to Purdy.

Rice lauded Purdy, who caught 447 passes for 7,679 yards and 79 touchdowns in 88 games with Montana as his quarterback.

Purdy, 23, has become one of the league's most productive quarterbacks in his second season, but he is far from Montana's polished resume.

Purdy leads the NFL in passing touchdowns (29), yards per attempt (9.9), passer rating (119.0), and QBR (76.0). This young quarterback has shredded opposing defences since the 49ers' bye week.

San Francisco's offence has been clicking lately after a losing skid in October that saw the 49ers held to 17 points in three games. After losing to Cincinnati in Week 8.

Rice attributes the 49ers' offense's efficiency to their quarterback's poise and coolness. San Francisco appears to be the NFC's Super Bowl LVIII favourite.

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