Peyton Manning found out 'tush push' isn't legal in his son's 7th grade youth league

The "ManningCast" is popular for "Monday Night Football" because Peyton Manning tells good stories. Eli Manning and Peyton had San.

San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey on the "ManningCast" during the Eagles' "tush push" quarterback sneak, or "Brotherly Shove"

Manning said he taught his son's seventh-grade youth team the "tush push" while coaching. Seriously.

It improves. Coach Peyton Manning was informed by officials that Cherry Creek Bruins quarterback Marshall Manning's play was illegal. 

"After that play, the ref said, 'Hey, you can't do that,'" Peyton Manning said on the broadcast. "I said, 'The Eagles do it in the NFL.

Saying, 'This is not the NFL.' I said, 'Oh, I thought seventh-grade AYL Colorado Youth Football was the NFL.' Confused.

The NFL will consider banning the Eagles-famous play in the offseason. It's already illegal in Arapahoe Youth League. Peyton Manning learned the hard way.

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