Over 95% chance of El Nino conditions from January-March 2024: U.S. forecaster

A major private weather forecasting firm agrees with federal agencies that there is a very high likelihood (>95%) of El Niño developing this winter.

El Niño conditions are predicted to peak and have their strongest influence during the January to March 2024 period.

Wetter weather is forecast for portions of the Ohio Valley and Southeast during El Niño months.

Warmer than average temperatures are expected across the Southern tier of the U.S. due to El Niño.

The strength and duration of El Niño will determine its impacts on spring wildfire season in the Southwest.

Drier conditions may persist in the Pacific Northwest coast due to a typical El Niño weather pattern.

Farmers and water managers are advised to consider the elevated El Niño odds in their 2024 winter plans and preparations.

A strong El Niño could mean an earlier start to the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season with above-normal activity.

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