October 31 Tarot Horoscopes Based on One Card 

The sign of Aries   You've made it this far in life, and now that you're on the verge of success, you finally understand just how challenging life can be.  

You feel inspired and energized today, and for good reasons. Victory to the sign of Aries! Yay! 

Taurus  The money you've worked hard to achieve should be enjoyed. 

Why bother going to work if you're just going to sit around all day? 

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The importance of appreciating life's minor pleasures cannot be overstated. Have some fun, man. Play.  

Gemini  You are about to enter the classroom of life with your eyes wide open, your mind alert, and your heart wide open.  

You wish to broaden your horizons and experience things that are outside of your current comfort zone. 

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