October 28, 2023 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Horoscope

Uranus may cause money, real estate, and instability for you. A lightbulb moment today. Take the bull by the horns. Choose your top priorities

Taurus, this year has been busy, and the last lunar eclipse in your sign is the cherry on top. Eclipses cause delays and reveal problems.

Eclipses bring transformation but require caution—like a backstabber. You trust people and often speak without contemplating the consequences.

Cancer, good friends are scarce. A relationship may have reached its end and need to end. You've outgrown a connection.

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In a competitive field, a woman may help you shine. This might be a recruiter, someone who edits your résumé and cover letter, or a buddy who

Keeping the peace is sometimes good. There are times when you need to speak up, especially when you need to stand up for what you believe in.

You're ready to advance in life, but a few core areas require strengthening. Your unhealed scars are highlighted by this Taurus eclipse in your eighth

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