NBA win predictions for every team

The playoff race starts right from Opening Night with really only two teams (the Blazers and Wizards) clearly playing for lottery odds.  

From that chaos, FanSided NBA savant Chris Kline and I have done our best to summon win projections for every team that you can actually trust.  

Boston and Milwaukee occupy their own tier, but the Cavaliers deserve more credit. 

Cleveland won 51 games last season with one of the best defenses in the NBA and an explosive offense. 

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The Sixers are the big wild card. James Harden's tenure with the franchise is all but done. 

The Knicks and Heat are postseason factors, but just barely (with the understanding that Miami is capable of unholy voodoo when the lights are bright).  

Indiana feels like the big potential riser in the East. Tyrese Haliburton is that dude, on the precipice of undisputed top-20 status. 

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