Guide to better canine digestive health 

The term "gut microbiome" may seem familiar if you've ever wondered how to make your dog healthier from the inside out.  

If you feed your dog the best raw dog food, cooked or dry kibble, you want their health to be optimal. 

The gut microbiome affects how our canines metabolize food and feel, making it an essential topic. 

As a behaviorist, I want to consider a dog's overall well-being when addressing emotional issues.  

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The stomach is called ‘the second brain’ and affects our dog's temperament, so we shouldn't dismiss indicators of a gut flora imbalance. 

The gut microbiota is crucial to a dog's health, much like in people. 

The Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences defines the gut microbiome as intestinal bacteria, archaea, viruses, and eukaryotes.  

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