Former Stockton Kings G-League player Chance Commanche arrested on murder charge

After attending Sacramento Kings training camp on an Exhibit 10 contract, Chance Commanche joined the Stockton Kings. Stockton outed Commanche Friday.

Arrested for kidnapping and murder later that day. Commanche and his girlfriend, Sakari Hamden, allegedly kidnapped and killed Marayna Rodgers in Las Vegas two weeks earlier.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said Commanche was arrested by the California FBI Criminal Apprehension team in Sacramento and is awaiting extradition to Nevada.

Rodgers agreed to meet Hamden and Commanche on Dec. 5 while out with friends. Rodgers disappeared after that, and police suspected foul play.

The 6'10" forward/center Commanche grew up in Los Angeles and played two seasons at Arizona. He played one NBA game and mostly in the G-League.

Played 20 minutes and scored seven points for the Trail Blazers in one of the season's final games in April, when Portland had packed it in and was considering draft picks.

“Detectives suspected foul play and found evidence to arrest Harnden and her boyfriend Comanche for kidnapping and disappearing Rodgers.

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