El Nino, intensifying climate change to make 2024 another record hot year, scientists warn

An intensifying El Nino weather pattern is expected to combine with human-caused climate change to make 2024 one of the hottest years on record.

Scientists predict 2024 global temperatures will likely surpass the previous record held by 2016 due to these natural and man-made factors.

El Nino releases heat from the ocean into the atmosphere and atmosphere continues accumulating heat due to greenhouse gases.

Much of the world will experience above average temperatures, including most land areas across North and South America, Europe and Africa.

Australia could see its hottest year ever as heat waves and bushfires increase fire danger during its summer.

Sea level rise will continue accelerating due to melting ice sheets adding water to the warming oceans.

Climate change is estimated to be responsible for about 1 degree Celsius of global warming to date with worse impacts to come.

1. Urgent emission cuts are needed to avoid dangerous levels of climate change according to the UN's latest climate science report.

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