Early NBA trade deadline buyers & sellers with Amin Elhassan | Good Word with Goodwill

Good Word with Goodwill podcast hosts Vince Goodwill and Amin Elhassan discuss early NBA trade season buyers and sellers.

The defending Eastern Conference champion Miami Heat are doing well but may trade Kyle Lowry's contract for offensive help.

The Sacramento Kings have been linked to Zach LaVine in trade rumors, but Amin doesn't think they should try to sign a star this season.

While discussing the New Orleans Pelicans as buyers, Vinnie and Amin discuss Zion Williamson's diet and weight. 

 Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley mocked him on TNT for being out of shape, so they should talk to Zion about it.

Zion entered the NBA in the same draft class as Ja Morant, who has had different issues staying on the court.

Amin discusses why Zion and Ja needed to be NBA superstars and why they seem to be wasting the chance.

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