Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day Of The Week For October 23 - 29, 2023

As the first sign of the zodiac and the leader of the cosmos, endings can often be challenging for you as you're more apt to focus all your energy on the beginnings.  

Some moments ask you to rise and take arms for what you want to accomplish, but others ask you to sit down, observe and let the emotions wash over your heart  

There is exhaustion surrounding you. Lately, that isn't necessarily from doing so much but from not giving yourself the attention you need to feel your best. 

This is all part of you leaving behind self-sacrificing choices and honoring that you can be there for others and yourself simultaneously.  

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For you, there is always a space of far-off new adventures and the grounding roots of home, which you must find a way to navigate. 

Now, bring awareness to all you have accomplished since then and find gratitude and appreciation for it all.

The past two years have been more transformative in your life as you've dedicated yourself to honoring your self-worth and surrendering to the changes you know align 

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