DeMarcus Cousins signs 10-day contract to play in Taiwan

In case you were wondering, the team is called the Leopards and is sponsored by Taiwan Beer.

These are the same players that Dwight Howard played for last season. They are currently second in the Taiwanese league.

His injury history, reputation as a challenge for the coaching staff and front office, and age (33) limit his NBA options. He briefly played in Puerto Rico last season.

Cousins, who hasn't played in the NBA in over a season, has signed a 10-day contract with the Taiwan Beer Leopards.

Ni hao said Cousins. Dear Leopards fans, excited to perform for you. Come see me play soon. Hello there." 

Beer Leopards have signed NBA veterans. Recently, Dwight Howard played 2022-23 for the team.

Howard's tweet references a viral image of him with 84 points, 37 rebounds, nine assists, and 14 blocks against the Beer Leopards. 

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