How Aries men say 'I love you' Mars rules Aries, a fire sign. Almost everything Aries does is straightforward, including love. They approach every circumstance logically

Taurus men say 'I love you' Taurus loves passionate love more than food. Taurus falls fast in love. If you're unsure if he loves you, watch his actions.

Gemini man's 'I love you' Gemini expresses affection without saying "I love you." Geminis flirt, so you may not be the only one they text at first.

How Cancer men say 'I love you' Cancer is the sweetest zodiac sign. Cancers seek equality in love. Cancer is drawn to independent people with goals outside the partnershi

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The Leo way to express 'I love you' Leo's relationships depend on his confidence and enthusiasm. Leos adore independence in everything, but when they fall in love, they sto

The Virgo man's 'I love you' Love is hard to pin down for Virgos. Let someone love them unreservedly can scare them since they despise vulnerability.

Scorpio man's 'I love you' Scorpio males are alluring and passionate. They like love with sex and drama Their intensity with others might soon turn off their partners.

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