5 players you forgot were still in the NBA

– Andre Drummond, known for his rebounding abilities, hasn't received the recognition he deserves due to a lack of defensive skills and limited offensive game.

– Markelle Fultz, once touted as a top prospect, faced injuries and struggled to meet expectations, but has maintained a solid level of production throughout his career.

Rudy Gay, once considered a potential star, never built off his initial promise but has managed to stay in the league as a role player, entering his 17th season with the Golden State Warriors 

One of the best rebounders of his time, it’s easy to forget that Andre Drummond was once a top center in the league.  

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Another hooper whose name rarely comes about anymore, Markelle Fultz is undoubtedly another player that makes you go “aw man, I completely forgot about him! 

Honestly, it’s probably surprising in 2023 if fans even remember Rudy Gay, let alone remember what he used to be. Or maybe, what he made people think he could be. 

Taj Gibson is admittedly a different player than the rest on this list. It would be highly doubtful that anyone ever thought that Gibson was going to be a star. 

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