5 Indicators You're Chasing An Unsuitable Love

Every relationship has moments when words are unnecessary and silence speaks volumes. But in your relationship, these silences have become huge rifts.

Quiet moments are loaded with tension, unsaid words, and unresolved emotions, not comfort.

Everyone dreams of scenarios and moments occasionally. Recently, your daydreams have focused more on idealizing memories than cherishing them. 

Instead of enjoying actual moments with your lover, you're mentally scripting them to bridge the growing gap between your dreams and reality. 

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Your intuition and inner voice have always guided you. Recent signs have raised uncertainties and concerns regarding your path. Not only brief insecurity but continuous uneasiness. 

A partnership with genuine love and respect is secure. Recently, you've sought reassurance constantly. Instead of feeling loved and cherished

Instead of a defined path with shared objectives and aspirations, confusion prevails. Planning discussions become evasive or contentious.

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