4 Top Anti-Inflammatory Mediterranean Recipes That Kids Will Love 

This dish is easy to make because the farro is already cooked. This dish can be made and served in the same bowl, which saves time and space.

In a salad bowl, mix oil and lemon juice together. Add the artichoke, mint, basil, artichoke, farro, and salt. Put pomegranate seeds, goat cheese, and pistachios on top.

This healthy salad recipe is quick and easy because the quinoa is already cooked. 

This recipe is both healthy and filling because it has black beans, kale, and avocado in it. You can also make the dressing and sweet potatoes ahead of time

In this easy recipe, baked potatoes are loaded with salsa, beans, and avocado. It's like taco night meets baked potato night. 

You can make this quick and healthy family dinner on even the busiest weeknights. What you need is only 10 minutes of work.

Salmon in a can is a useful pantry staple and an easy way to eat fish that is good for your heart and high in omega-3s. 

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