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Simone Biles has struggled with competition pressure like many athletes. At times, she felt like the world was on her shoulders as Team USA's face. 

She is also under pressure from herself because she is always pushing herself past the limits she has set for herself. 

Sexual abuse causes mental health disorders, especially in young women. Research shows that 70% of sexual assault victims experience moderate to severe distress.

Just under 95% will develop PTSD. One-third of raped women consider suicide. Many fans know Simone Biles survived sexual abuse.

Biles thought she was disappointing fans and America. She knew she had to do for herself to be her best. 

Team USA men's water polo player Alex Bowen praised her decision. He understands the pressure athletes feel from the world and themselves. 

It's huge to overcome your ego and step aside, he said. This is mental magic. We all hope to do it, but few can.”

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