4 Philadelphia Phillies who won’t be back after losing NLCS to Diamondback

Back-to-back NL pennants weren't written in the stars for the Philadelphia Phillies. 

it seemed like it was on the precipice of happening when the club won Game 5 against the Diamondbacks in Arizona, giving them a 3-2 series lead heading 

But then came the 5-1 stunner with Aaron Nola on the hill in Game 6. Then, in the winner-take-all Game 7, it was the Diamondbacks stars 

First-time All-Star Michael Lorenzen became one of the most unexpected big names on the block at the midseason trade deadline while then pitching for the Tigers. 

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On the whole in the 2023 season, Craig Kimbrel was about as solid as the Phillies could've hoped for out of the bullpen on the back end. 

The veteran slugger and first baseman suffered a torn ACL in spring training that many believed would end his season.  

Aaron Nola's time with the Phillies is likely to end on a sour note, ultimately. The veteran right-hander had allowed just two total runs in his first three postseason starts 

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