4 Lessons in Resilience from Simone Biles' Career 

Every company has stars. These top performers are reliable. Everything they touch turns gold, and Biles usually wins.

Expecting everyone to perform at their best forever is unrealistic. People will encounter obstacles.

Simone Biles had to meet unrealistic expectations. So what happens when we try so hard to meet those expectations

Chronic stress causes burnout, which is emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion. If someone is overwhelmed, emotionally exhausted, and unable to meet demands, it happens.

Psychological safety is the ability to be yourself without worrying about how others or your career will view you.

Businesses lose when employees don't speak up because they don't feel safe. They may not receive constructive criticism when things go wrong. 

Covid-19 raised awareness of mental health and made workplace conversations easier, but many businesses have a long way to go.

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