3 Shocking Stories Behind the World's Most Expensive Coins 

The Indian Head nickel took the place of the Liberty Head nickel at the U.S. Mint in 1912. Five Liberty nickels were made without permission. 

 This sold for $4.2 million last year at auction. The Walton Nickel may not be seen again for decades, according to experts.

The Fugio cent from 1787 is sometimes called a Franklin cent, and it is thought to be the first coin used in the United States.

This coin has an interesting history and could be worth hundreds or thousands, depending on its condition, at auction.

There were only 398,577 of these coins made, and they were only made in 1787. 

A Texas woman found one in 2014. This was surprising because the Secret Service had confiscated earlier versions until the U.S.

Mint verified their authenticity. The penny sells online for hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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