3 Reasons Why Deion Sanders' Love Life Is Making Headlines Again 

Sanders is having trouble in his personal life because things are going badly at work.The Buffaloes had a 4-8 record overall.

Sanders is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but Colorado lost their last six games of the season after winning their first three.

at first given credit for bringing the Buffaloes' program back to life overnight with transfer players like 

Sanders has recently lost a few big-name recruits, including his star quarterback son Shedeur.

"I love you, Tracey, and you've been a real blessing to me," he wrote. You're HER. Hey, Tracey-Mack!"

I value the times we've spent together and the laughs we've shared. You are a wonderful woman and a wonderful mom. 

She was on Deion's reality show "Deion's Family Playbook," which aired in 2014 and was produced by Edmonds. 

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