3 Must-Try Mediterranean Diet Snacks for a Healthy Lifestyle

I wish I could remove "diet" from this because it's not a fad or a quick fix for weight loss. It's a lifestyle—I prefer "the Mediterranean way of eating!"

Fish and seafood twice weekly. Cheese, eggs, and poultry in moderation. Finally, occasional red meat and sweets.

A Mediterranean diet pyramid answers this again. The base of the pyramid has Mediterranean snacks. Nuts, veggies, fruits, and fat-free yogurt.

Nutritional nuts contain fiber, antioxidants, protein, unsaturated fat, and omega-3s. A 2 tablespoon handful of unsalted nuts is a satisfying snack. 

Fruits and vegetables are textbook Mediterranean diet snacks due to their fresh taste and vitamin, mineral, fiber, and antioxidant content.

Low in fat and high in plant-based protein and fiber, legumes and pulses can keep you fuller longer.Mediterranean diets often include legumes and pulses. 

Try za'atar—a spice mix of Mediterranean wild thyme and toasted sesame seeds—and Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil on sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, or avocados.

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