3 Must-Know Secrets About 'Suits' Spinoff Series

Suits follows star lawyer Harvey Specter and fraudulent lawyer Mike Ross, a dark and gritty show with heart and humor. 

The show's seven seasons have revealed Mike's secrets, including a jail sentence. Surprisingly, Suits' dramatic decisions have never felt like shock and spectacle.

Due to this, Suits has had a renaissance and gained many new legal drama fans. However, Suits fans old and new can discover shocking behind-the-scenes events. 

Suits' long run has hidden many secrets, including scrapped storylines, cast relationships, and casting.

In Suits, Louis Litt's awkward catchphrase has always been, "You just got Litt up!" Despite its cheesiness, fans prefer the saying to series characters. 

Actor Rachel Zane Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, but before Suits, she was married to someone else.

 Suits season 2 introduced Harvey's past partner, Zoe Lawford, with whom he'd always had a complicated, romantic relationship. 

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