3 Must-Have Anti-Inflammatory Mediterranean Diet Apps for Meal Planning" 

Planning meals is a great way to start and maintain weight loss. But finding the time and energy to plan healthy meals that meet your nutritional needs and tastes can be difficult.

Fortunately, many apps can simplify meal planning and weight loss. Customizability. Apps are chosen for customization.

User-friendliness. Many meal planning apps are similar but have different user experiences. Choose a meal planning app based on usability.

Menus and recipes preset. The user can create their own menus or use pre-made recipes in some meal planning apps. We noted where preset recipes and menus are available and prohibited.

Mealime offers easy-to-customize meal plans that exclude foods you don't like. The app's free features make it the best budget planner.

While primarily a recipe manager, Paprika also has menu planning features. Its browser extension makes tracking your favorite recipes easy, making it the best recipe organizer.

Healthline-owned PlateJoy creates customized meal plans for your family based on your diet and weight loss goals.

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