3 Little-Known Coins Worth More Than You'd Believe 

Not just the most valuable stamps are tiny objects worth a lot. Your pocket change may be too someday. Maybe it is already.

Can you tell a regular penny from a 1943 one worth over $2 million? Let's explore the world's most valuable coins so you can check your piggy bank before depositing.

Using a metal detector on a beach, one rare coin worth over $6 million was found and auctioned.

Some of the world's most valuable coins are centuries old and may not be noticeable. Other collectors' most valuable rare coins can be used daily.

 Since 1907, these were made, but the 1933 gold recall forced many to exchange them for cash. selling for $18,900,000 in 2021 or $20,212,100 in 2023.

Few knew this coin's future when minted. This rare coin is still the most expensive after 200 years. $10,016,875, or $13,311,850 

George Washington's neighbor Ephraim Brasher created the first US gold coin, the 1787 Brasher Doubloon. Among the most expensive coins. $9.36 million in 2021, $10,009,500 in 2023.

3 Little-Known Coins That Could Be Hiding in Your Pocket Worth Thousands

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