3 Lessons from Simone Biles on Overcoming Adversity 

Maybe she should have been a ‘household name’ a week ago. Simone Biles, America's most decorated gymnast and possibly the greatest, is amazing.

Many athletes before her wish they had said this, and many future athletes will thank her.

Simone is a young woman who has endured more suffering, judgment, and criticism than most of us. 

As we watch, gasp, and criticize the world's best athletes from home, we should stop and look beyond the facades

Simone has shown that there are many ways to win, and standing on a podium is not the only factor.

Everyone needs help to succeed. It's okay to ask for help and not know everything. Everyone learns and teaches. 

 Success takes time. Some days can feel like we're failing and the pull to quit is strong, but those with the most success have the strength to push through and the patience to wait.

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