3 Game-Changing Fitness Tips from Simone Biles 

Simone Biles has been a game-changer and received game-changing support while achieving greatness.

The gymnastics “greatest of all time” nearly failed. Her maternal grandparents saved Biles and her sister Adria from foster care and moved to Houston, Texas. 

Rain made her 6-year-old daycare field trip to an oil ranch a gymnastics studio. Simone's living room furniture vaults and coaches' letter convinced them to enroll her in lessons.

She was eager to start and see how far I could push the limits. Harder to manage expectations and reactions.

According to her, “Even now I feel like it's a daily struggle because everyone judges you based on what they perceive, even with social media.” Game change requires more than one person.

Global competition required Simone Biles to train for pressure as well as skills. Audiences, judges, and coaches attended mock meetings and performances. 

You kind of go airplane mode, she says. There's still some intimidation. My coaches and teammates sometimes scare me more, even though you trust them completely.”

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